Liadou du Vallon

On the tables at the SaQuaNa, I wanted to honor the traditional knife of my region, the Liadou du Vallon. Less known than the Laguiole, it is a hundred-year-old knife, created by the winegrowers of Marcillac to cut the willows that held the vines. Over the decades, the vines have almost disappeared, also did the Liadou du Vallon. It is Jean-Noël Rey who has unearthed an old copy and redesigned it in a modern way in 2014 with his partners Nicolas Julvé.


What I like about this knife is its rustic side: a thick, solid and very sharp blade that folds into a rounded wooden handle, also wide for a good grip. A beautiful object that symbolizes the work of men and the terroir of Aveyron.